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“Do you need help getting your online music production business off the ground? Do you already have a online music production business and need to take it to the next level? If your answer is yes to either one of these questions then this is the right place for you.”
Now selling beats online isn’t that difficult anybody can do it. All it takes is hard work, dedication, and a little bit of time. You must spend time marketing and promoting your beats EFFECTIVELY. There are many places to promote your beats such as social media networking sites, forums, blogs, and etc… Social media networking sites are very effective. There are millions and millions of artist on facebook and twitter alone, maybe even billions. You can use either one or both of these sites to promote your beats and make a tun of money. All you need to do is build relationships with artist. Get to know them, see what kind of music they like, and give them feedback on their music. BE FRIENDLY! Don’t SPAM them and say “BUY MY BEATS”! THAT IS MISTAKE #1(WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PROMOTING YOUR BEATS ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER CLICK ON THE E-BOOKS AT THE BOTTOM). Now here’s how you can promote on forums such as Click on the “FORUM” tab and create an account. Once you have created your account check your email and activate it. After you have activated your account log in. First thing you want to do before you do anything is create a signature. Now when you create a signature you want to have something eye catching, for example you want to have your website link with a catchy simple fraise in bold font with a bright color such as red or yellow, saying something like this “LOOKING FOR INDUSTRY QUALITY BEATS FOR A AFFORDABLE PRICE CLICK HERE” OR “NEED DOPE BEATS FOR THE LOW CLICK HERE”, something like that. Something thats going to make a rapper click on your link be creative. Next you want to make sure you post daily. Stay on your grind! Post threads about your beats, asking people to check out your latest beat in the “beats/producers” section of the forum. Network your but off! Now you can also create blogs about your beats and tell people about your blog. I have alot more information coming up in the future. This is my first post there are many more to come. Thanks for reading. For more information on promoting and marketing your music production business CLICK THE ON THE E-BOOKS BELOW!


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