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Viral Marketing is great for selling hip hop beats online because it’s absolutely free in most cases. Viral marketing is when you get people to spread the word about your beats. Giving away FREE beats is one way to use viral marketing. Rappers who download your free beats will tell other rappers about where they got their free beats from. The rappers they tell about your free beats may come to your website and download free beats and may end up buying your beats in the future.
SEO Marketing has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue about since the time when the internet first began. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is because it’s a way to get free traffic over a long period of time without having to do a tremendous amount of work. The only problem is, there are so many fake “gurus” and wanna bes out there talking about SEO Marketing, sometimes it becomes hard to accomplish. You can sell hip hop beats on a daily basis if you can figure this one out. The best way to use SEO marketing is by utilizing Niche Marketing, which is SEO specific. You can get up in the charts on Google, but honestly it’s harder than getting up in the charts on Soundclick.
Affiliate Marketing is where you get other people to promote your site and your products in exchange for a large commission on every sale. It’s very common for an affiliate program to offer 50%-75% of the total commissions for a product’s sale in exchange for promotion. This only works for you as a beat maker if you strategically find a way to implement it onto your site. Beat CD’s are great for affiliate programs which will help sell hip hop beats, and you can always sign up at E-Junkie to upload the CD because E-Junkie has an affiliate program in place for you already.
Email Marketing is not even used by many producers on the internet which is odd because it’s the simplest and easiest way to get profit from any website. All you have to do is collect emails as you promote, collecting them from buyers and interested leads. If you can get your email list full of rappers, then I guarantee you can make some money off your list. You can give away free tips or beats in exchange for an email address.If you would like to learn more about selling beats online and how to make money fast CLICK ON THE E-BOOKS BELOW.



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